Macmillan Publishers

In 2012, JAS commenced assistance to Macmillan Publishing with master planning, interim construction and staff relocation throughout their six building campus. We guided the facilities and real estate teams in the search for and lease negotiations of four floors at One New York Plaza. JAS spearheaded the procurement of the professional services team and managed the design and implementation of approximately 180,000 square feet of offices. For this portion of the assignment, JAS provided Project Management, Furniture Management and Migration Move Management services.

Working closely with the Director of Properties and the design team, JAS migrated private office occupants to a completely open plan environment. Each occupant had an assigned location, and, in addition; three alternative “collaborative/meeting” areas were created for occupants to use as they wished.

This project was accomplished concurrently while JAS was managing construction and furniture changes throughout Macmillan’s five other locations.

In aggregate, JAS successfully managed, procured and implemented over 350,000 square feet of workspace, which completed in October 2015.